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OMG I’m reading through the post class polls and this one made me smile and dye laughing.

What was your least favorite thing about the class:

“That I can’t take Aubri home with me, lol.”

I love that you moms become part of such a sweet community together the more we do in person classes and events!

I have a group poll question for all of you lovely ladies here 🫶🏽

If I were to package this course for online purchase. What format would make most sense:

A. Slides (with tiny talking video of me) + pdf

B. Video only of me teaching the class + pdf

C. Slides (with voice over) + video demo “chapters” (think pump demo, hand expression etc)

2nd poll

alsoooo if I added this as a “replay option” onto the class would cost bumping up make you less inclined to purchase?


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