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Hey hey 👋🏼

I know yall are about a month into your "revamped" pumping journies! Perfect time for a "milk tour" playlist 😉

Hey Ladies!

If anyone is in need of an extra pumping bra, I have a Momcozy XL in black. I only wore it once or twice.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Aubri Lutz

It's been a little over a week since our class!! I feel like February flew by and now it's almost spring break. So I wanted to check in before things get chaotic over here 🌊 🌴

How are our moms with baby bumps...are you nesting? What are you prepping for pumping? How close is due date now?

Erin Torres

Hey hey 👋🏼

Good Evening!!! Just wanted to drop here that I created a bra and clothing list on Amazon for y'all! I'll add more to it but the "silky" bodily bra is on is dreamy 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽



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