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Motherhood and feeding a tiny is such a sacred season. I consider it an honor to hold this space and help you navigate the newness. Whether breastfeeding, pumping, supplementing, returning to work or weaning I'm happy to walk with you for each step of your changing seasons.  I'm grateful the Lord has given me a tangible way to serve YOU and help bring laughter, joy and peace to your feeding journey. Even when you are nips out, dry shampoo in and on the struggle bus I'm your milky hype girl. Wishing you all the breast!


“Your recent posts couldn't have come at a better time - I've had to supplement for the last two or three days and feeling so lost & defeated. Thank you for the SUPPORT! Thank you for the EMPOWERMENT!"


"So beautiful and such a great reminder. Us mamas are so hard on ourselves and our babies think the world of us! Just like we think the world of them, too."


“People like you give me the confidence and ongoing reassurance that I can keep doing this!”

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